WordPress Speed Optimization

wordpress speed optimization.

What is Special with me?

  • I will install plugins that are must required.
  • Will try beyond your expectation to have best result.
  • Will edit theme if required.
  • Optimize image with own Photoshop.
  • and last but not least have some secret tips

Things Others do: (I will also do those if only necessary)

  1. Install Caching Plugin
  2. Install WP Smushit
  3. Install JetPack
  4. Minify JS
  5. Minify CSS
  6. Add Cloudfare
  7. Update WordPress
  8. Enable GZIP compression
  9. Plugins

Things Others hardly do: (I will also do those if only necessary)

  1. Optimize Database
  2. Update  PHP
  3. Remove Unnecessary Plugins
  4. Lazy load image
  5. Lazy load iFrames

Special With Me:

  • Defer or Async JavaScript
  • Edit WordPress Theme
  • Optimize image on my own PC with Photoshop
  • Setup properly sized image
  • Image in right format
  • Minify html
  • Disable Hotlinking and Leaching of Your Content
  • Suggest Proper Hosting
  • Suggest Best DNS

If you wish to have all green in web.dev then I feel I will need to edit your theme